What Others Don't Find Attractive in Your Dating Site Profile

So you've been spending more time trying to make your dating site profile attractive. Well, that's a very good investment whenever you decide to date in Asia. Have you been wondering what are the things that make your profile look so great that men can't help but want to get to know you more?

We want to help you by presenting some of the points that men don't find attractive in your dating site profile.

Very few photos (less than three pictures uploaded)

Mystery is good but not when dating online. You have to be aware that you joined the site in order to meet possible romance. So what's the deal then? Your only way to truly connect with someone is to show them who you are. When you do not have that many pictures, others may think that you are not confident of how you look like. They would also have the impression that you are not so serious in finding someone.

Our advice is for you to upload at least 5-7 photos of your self. It's the best way to show who you are, what you look like and how you lighten up hearts when you smile.

Too many photos of your face only

Selfie as the internet users call it is a common thing these days. It's taking a lot of close-up photos. Well, being on a dating site is different from the social media hubs. When you post too many close-up photos, others will think that you are too fond of your face. Why not show who you are by uploading whole body photos and interesting photos of you doing your hobbies or interests. In this case, you are attracting those who are into your type of looks and personality.

Here's our tip: Upload a couple of photos that show your facial features.  Then post other photos that show your whole body, your features and a couple or three photos showing what you love doing in your free time.

Unclear profile information

When you provide unclear profile information, it is very unattractive. In addition, sense of humor is a good point but joking around too much in your profile is a turn-off. Again, be reminded that people join in the site to search for dates, for love. Give focus on filling up necessary information - be as honest as you can so that your real personal exudes.

Suggestion: Do not be afraid to be yourself. You are special. When you are showing who you really are, chances are - those who really like you will love you for your own style, your own uniqueness. And true love has bigger chance to happen.

It's only you who can prepare and craft an Asian dating profile that gravitates - the real people, the kind of people you want to have and hold. The person you want to probably spend the rest of your life with. When you are serious about meeting the One, see to it that you share your time and effort.

You can never tell what will find you back!

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  1. The number of photo is spot on, Often you meet a girl who has one single photo and she does not look anything like that photo when you meet in person.